Cosmic Consciousness

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS is a series of adventurous science fiction and fantasy stories that will elevate your bedtime stories to the next level. The cosmic level.

In Blood stone, Brie and her friends take their spaceship to volcanic Io, the most geologically active of Jupiter’s moons. While exploring the rocky terrain, they uncover the ancient mystical Blood stone. Brie and her loyal friends must stop the Marquis from destroy their world

In Underworld Olo Oya, Imani learns her purpose in this life form. Within the abyss of the Dark Amenti, Imani learns about Obba and her plans to destroy all magic. It is Imani’s destiny to stop her and save the universe.

In the adventurous science fiction Secret Chamber, Aaliyah and her immortal great-grandfather Dr. Bakir with a miraculous plan, try to stop the Elite before they can create an army that no one can defeat.

In an alternate universe where Earth is Tiamat, Amira writes her persuasive essay Sovereign of Stars about the Flower of Life, that later leads to her high position within her company. Her and her team travel through the jungles of Napata, Sudan to see if the legends are true.

Nyoka: The Naga – Uraeus

Africa and India 🧿🔮


Women Naga are referred to as Nagi.

When it comes to the Naga Serpent, its more about race and not really a worship. These people are said half cobra and half human. Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, and Brahma are all associated with being apart of the Naga race. I believe it is because they were all wise people. Shiva and Ganesha are sometimes seen with the serpent wrapped around their waist and up to their neck. In Buddhism, it is said that the Naga King Muchalinda covered Buddha from a heavy rain storm while he was in deep meditation. The Naga is also associated with Kundalini energy.

The Kundalini energy is described as a serpent coiled up at the base of your spine. When balancing your chakras it releases energy and opens all chakras. Most of the time it opens your third eye (Pineal Gland). This is located between your eyes – middle of your forehead – center of your brain. This is the ultimate level of enlightenment. As humans, this is what makes us God-like. Not quite God but close to it. This is Christ energy.

For a visual. This is Gold status. This is the enlightenment “Jesus Christ” held. As well as Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Horus, and so forth. These are the highest level for 3D reality.

Being Godly is for the 7th dimension, this is an advanced level and only souls can reach this level of high. GOD – Generator, Operator, Destroy. This falls into the Trinity of Life or The Holy Trinity. I’m going to make another post soon and dig a little deeper into that. A small side note. Everyone has spirit but not everyone has souls. Trees, animals, plants, and even reptiles have spirits. This is where spirit animals come in as. Souls are everlasting conscious and energy. The soul never dies. I’m still not clear on how this is determined and if it relates to physical aspects. You hear people say “Oh he has soul.” This is something like that but I’m not sure to what extent. Most people stop at Yellow and assume that is it. In reality they are awake but still living in a matrix reality. To become aware takes you to blue and begins to open many doors to past life karmic relations.

The White Serpent around The Tree of Life.


Africa was know as Alkebulan by the Kemites. This means “Mother of mankind” or “Garden of Eden.” This is the original name of the continent. Many foreigners gave the land many names. The Greeks in particular name it Ethiopia for land of the black.

In the North East of Africa, the Serpent Gods are Wadjet, Renenutet, Nehebkau, Meretseger, and Apep. In this discussion we are only going to focus on Wadjet and Apep from this region. In the West we are going to focus on the Serpent Gods, Mama Wata of Dahomey and Oshumare of Yoruba. In many parts of Africa, the serpent is looked upon as the incarnation of deceased relatives. These two deities were also bought to the Western Hemisphere with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. These were apart of Santeria, Palo Santo, Candomblé, Voodoo, and more. The enslaved Africans mixed their origin religions with Catholicism to create them; that way they could still worship their Gods. Also lets keep in mind that all the serpents are Cobras. Mainly because this snake is popular in desert areas and is native to India/Middle East/Africa.

Wadjet, Serpent Goddess of Lower Egypt

The first Serpent God or Goddess in this case is Wadjet of Lower (North) Egypt. She is described as the daughter of Atum or the daughter of Ra. She is also the first sign of serpent worship throughout Africa’s history. This is known as the Predynastic Era. This took place in the city Per-Wadjet, now known as Desouk. With Wadjet being associated with Ra, she is looked at as protection. The pharaohs wore her symbol upon their crown for this reason and also symbolizing great power. Wadjet is also the protector of women during childbirth. Wadjet became the face of protection throughout all of Egypt when Upper and Lower Egypt united. Also with this unison, she became known with Nekhbet, her twin sister as said and White Vulture. Some Queens of Egypt like Nefertari, Wife of Ramses II, wore Nekhbet upon their crown as a symbol of protection as well. Again when the two Egypts united the Goddess didn’t. Not sure why, but they decided to keep them separated. Wadjet is also mention in the Book of Dead (The Egyptians actually called it The Book of Life)

The Goddess Wadjet appears in the form of the living Uraeus to anoint your head with her flames. She rises up on the left side of your head and she shines from the right side of your temples without speech; she rises up on your head during each hour of the day, even as she does for her father Ra, and through her terror which you inspire in the spirits is increased. She will never leave you, are of you strikes into the souls which are made perfect. The Book of Life

With this saying it reminds me of the Eve and serpent story of the bible. The fact that Wadjet comes to you the same way the “Devil” did to Eve. On a personal perspective I think the Serpent only “talks” to women because the serpent is usually a woman and is about fertility. Its weird that it all circles back to the devil being a woman and being punished for the knowledge. In this era of life or humanity, matriarchy was popular and women were in control. In the Age of Pisces (Fish), everything became masculine and Patriarchy kicked in. This happened roughly 2600 years ago. It all aligns with opening of the portals. Ill talk more about this in the flat earth theory. This is also similar to how Kundalini arises from the spine and creates enlightenment.

A depiction of Apep guarding the Cosmic Egg.

Apep is different from Wadjet. He isn’t seen in the light as she is. In Ancient Egypt he is known to embody chaos. Chaos is known as the void of nothing and everything at the same time. Conscious was born out of chaos. I will speak even more about this and how it relates to the Cosmic Egg. If the “Devil” were a depiction of a serpent he would be the one. He is the opposite of light. He plays a part in duality and only serving that purpose. I just wanted to bring him to light before I did the flat earth theory because he works better with that. I just wanted to introduce you guys to him. Keep this image and thought in mind.

West Africa and The New World

As in the East, West Africa also has great serpentine deities. Mami Wata can be found all over West Africa from Senegal and far south in Zambia. She is known as Yemaya with the Yoruba people. The two ethnic groups were once one, so she is identical to Yemaya. In the Yoruba traditions, Yemeya followed her children that were taken during the transatlantic slavery. She is worshiped throughout the Caribbean and the Americas through Voudoo from New Orleans and Haiti, Santeria, Palo Santo and many more. To connect with Mami Wata or Yemaya, you can build an altar just for her and place things that she like on it. I personally have a sea shell that I got from walking down the beach. It doesn’t have to be that but that’s just what I have. I ask her for protection over my dreams because I am a dream and I do like to channel through dreams. I feel like its important that I have this protection for me.

Mami Wata, this is sometimes used as the Black Eve image, Yemaya, and Adiya of Haitian Voudoo. This may well be the same woman for all.

Oshumare is new to me. When I was looking for more information on the West African traditions of the serpent, he came up. At first I thought he was Enle of the Yoruba religion. Oshumare is known as the rainbow serpent. He is the domain of cycles and seasons. So he is kind of in control of balance; like heavy rain vs drought. He is also sought after for great fortune. As the same with Mami Wata, if you want to build an altar to connect with him, put things he likes on it and a picture of him. He likes snakes craved out of iron. His favorite day of the week is also Tuesday.

After doing all the research on the serpent it made me more comfortable with being near them. In the near future I want to get one as a pet. As a symbol for my ancestors. Also while dealing with the Orishas be mindful that to claim them as your own, you need to go into the initiate stage. It is a process to claim being the daughter of (said Orisha). You dont need to do that while dealing with Voodoo and Hoodoo magic. Thats all I have for the serpent. My next blog is on flat earth. Ive been doing a lot of research on this topic so thats why this document took so long. I hope to see you guys next time. #Ase

Book Club Month

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The Funk

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Heavy Thinking

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A Love Letter to Ma’at.

Your words still linger on my mind. A cliff hanger. I see you within me. Knowing that my soul burns. Twin flame. I want to tell the stars about you, but they already know. They placed us here; at this moment, at this time. The feminine to my masculine. A divine partnership. The gravitational pull you have on my soul. It covers me with eternal love. Your energy. Your skin smooth like stone. Reminding me of the cocoa bean. Kahawa. Aligned, you and me, here. To experience one another on this level cannot be defined. Love is the highest form of magic. Me, the God of Magic. When Amun created one soul then split it into two. He manifested me for you. A conscious love. You never hesitate to keep me on my toes. You bring out the best in me. Cosmic order. The roar in your voice, commanding, demanding that I understand. Justice. My love for you is unique. No soul in this multiverse could ever rival you. For you are the most beautiful woman alive. Maneuvering through this universe. You have stolen my soul. You are the truth. Ma’at.

Love, Thoth.

Nyoka: Ancient Sumeria

The first ancient civilization I want to bring light to is Sumer. Some of you may know about it and some don’t. For those of you who don’t, I will give you a brief rundown. For those of you that do, it’s just a refresher. So, Sumer is the oldest civilization with remains found. There have been others that were found in India and in South Africa, but according to some researchers there wasn’t enough to gather to understand those cultures. Sumer is also known as Mesopotamia, which is present day Iran/Iraq. In this civilization they worshiped different deities; the most famous being Inanna. They made temples and even cities for their Gods/Goddess. The Sumerians have tiny clay tablets that tell many stories of their time. Their creation story is known as the Enuma Elish. The biggest mystery around them lies with the Annunaki. An alien civilization that ruled Earth long ago. I will talk more about them in a later blog for those of you who are curious. Since some of the tablets can’t be found and are broken. Not much about certain deities can be found. I’ve pieced together a few facts, and this is what I came up with. According to the Sumerians, their serpent God is Ningishzida (Nin-gish-zi-da). He is known as the God of wisdom. It is said that his mother is Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Underworld and his wife is Ninazimua. The eldest symbol known to him is snakes twining around an axial rod. This is the symbol we now see as our medicine symbol. It was originally one snake around it and later turned to two. I will speak more about this symbol when I talk about the Naga serpent race and their kundalini energy. Because he is associated with wisdom, he is compared to the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thoth. I will speak more on Thoth next month and about his teaching in the Emerald Tablets. Ningishzida is also known as the gatekeeper of Anu’s celestial palace with Dumuzi, who is also the husband of Inanna.

When it comes to building an altar or a shrine for Ningishzida, you have to use neutral crystals and colors. Upon my research I couldn’t find any gems or stones that they used to honor him. I would go with a clear quartz, white colors, a piece of paper with his name on it, and white candles. I’m not sure what to offer as food. I would think maybe some traditional Middle Eastern dishes with lamb or goat as meat. This is just for starters. If you contact him this way, ask him what he likes to eat then go from there. The guides will always speak to you. They are here and they want to help. In conclusion, when it comes to the ancient Sumerians, they view their serpent as a God and a wise one at that. Next week I will discuss the serpent meaning throughout the Hindu culture and their Nagas. Leave a comment below and we can talk about any other deity you would like, and I could answer a few questions for those of you who are new to this information. Don’t be shy. Ase Rose Petals.

Nyoka: The intro

Since the beginning of mankind, snakes have been apart of their development. Every religion has their archetype of what snakes mean. In Christianity and Judaism, the serpent is evil and tricked Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. In Islam, the serpent is known as Iblis, remain in grief. He is similar deity to the Christian devil. For the past 2,600 years serpents have been seen as evil. Since religion has come to be, it has demonized the serpent. You ask yourself why. In the ancient culture serpents were worshiped as gods. In the Islamic religion, it was noted that they refused to call Iblis the son of light, even when he has it, because people would worship him. From the beginning, the serpent has been seen as a symbol of wisdom, rebirth, fertility, and much more. Why do you think this is? Why would a creature that was once worshiped, become demonized? Within this month’s topic on serpents, I am going to try to answer those questions. The serpent can be used for good as the ancient cultures has done. Maybe all we need is a different perspective of the serpent and change they way we see them.  


Ase Rose Petals. I know I told you guys that I would be doing a blog on the Serpent and how its changed over the last 2600 years. Well, as I was writing it, I noticed how lengthy it was getting and decided to it was too much. I understand how reading 10 pages of documents can be over whelming. I have decided to break it down by months with topics. So for the month of January the topic is the Serpent. Each week will be a different culture. I will go over what the serpent meant to ancient cultures and how they viewed it. The cultures that I will be discussing is Ancient Sumer, Ancient India/Hinduism, Ancient West Africa, Ancient Egypt and the Caribbean. I look forward to hearing your opinion and also your thoughts about the various cultures. See you guys in January.